Prioritize Wellness this Spring with Trivio Pharmacy


As the spring season brings a burst of new life, Trivio Pharmacy is dedicated to supporting your health and wellness journey. Here are few useful tips to make the most of the Spring season, staying in the pink of health!

  • Combat seasonal allergies by staying informed about pollen forecasts and using air purifiers to reduce indoor pollen exposure.
  • Protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays by using sunscreen with SPF 30, wearing sunglasses, and covering exposed skin.
  • Stay hydrated as temperatures rise by drinking plenty of water, choosing water-rich fruits and vegetables, and limiting caffeinated beverages.
  • Explore outdoor activities like walking, jogging, or cycling to boost your physical fitness and mood.
  • Maintain a clean living environment by regularly cleaning and dusting living spaces, washing bedding, and replacing HVAC filters.
  • Choose a balanced diet with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables for optimal nutrition.
  • Prioritize mental health by spending time outdoors, practicing mindfulness, and staying connected with loved ones.

Trivio Pharmacy is here to support your holistic well-being. Let this season be a time of rejuvenation and self-care with these essential wellness tips from Trivio Pharmacy.

Taking a stand! Safeguarding women’s health from cervical cancer

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As the world unites on 4th February to recognize World Cancer Day, Trivio Pharmacy emphasizes its commitment to raising awareness and battling cervical cancer. A preventable disease, cervical cancer can be overcome through education, vaccination, and regular screening. By taking proactive steps, we can make a meaningful impact in safeguarding women’s health.

Understanding Cervical Cancer:
Cervical cancer affects the cervix, the passageway to the uterus, and is most commonly linked to the human papilloma virus (HPV). If left undetected, it can spread to other parts of the body, posing a significant threat to overall health.

Prevention as a Priority:
Trivio Pharmacy underscores the pivotal role of vaccination and regular screenings in the fight against cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine is an essential tool in preventing HPV and subsequently cervical cancer. Administered to preteens and young adults aging between 9 years to 45 years old, it offers substantial protection against the virus.

Regular screening is crucial for early detection and effective treatment. Trivio Pharmacy advocates for Pap smears, HPV-DNA detection tests, and acetic acid tests as routine screenings for women. Early diagnosis through these tests can lead to better treatment outcomes.

Join the Cause:
On World Cancer Day, Trivio Pharmacy invites everyone to join forces in the fight against cervical cancer. Encourage young individuals to get the HPV vaccine and remind women to undergo regular screening.

Together, let us take proactive measures to prevent cervical cancer and commemorate World Cancer Day.

The Importance of Local Chemists in Healthcare

the indispensable role of a local chemist

In the modern world of online pharmacies and digital healthcare solutions, the role of local chemists often goes unnoticed. However, Trivio Pharmacy is on a mission to change that. Trivio Pharmacy aims to empower local chemists by providing them with the support and resources they need to sustain in today’s competitive market.

One of the core ideas behind Trivio Pharmacy is to create a brand umbrella that encompasses local chemists. By doing so, Trivio Pharmacy ensures that these chemists have access to a wide range of medicines that may be difficult for them to procure independently. This not only benefits the chemists but also ensures that customers have access to a more diverse range of medications.

Additionally, Trivio Pharmacy offers effective schemes, informative resources, and marketing and operations training to help local chemists serve their customer base well and turn their stores into sustainable and consistent ventures. This personalized attention and support for local chemists ultimately benefit the customers by ensuring that they receive the care, concern, and timely intervention they need for their health concerns.

Furthermore, local chemists can provide valuable support by proposing alternate medications, suggesting cost-effective options, and offering reminders for medication. Unlike online pharmacies, local chemists provide a more personalized and hands-on approach to healthcare.

Trivio Pharmacy’s success is evident in its rapid expansion, with over 150 stores in Ahmedabad and further growth across Gujarat. The module is so successful that in no time, Trivio has become the Number 1 pharmacy chain in Ahmedabad. This success reflects the growing recognition of the importance of local chemists in providing trustworthy and personalized healthcare services.

In essence, the indispensable role of local chemists in healthcare cannot be overstated. Trivio Pharmacy’s unwavering commitment to empowering and bolstering local chemists not only benefits these professionals but also ensures that customers can continue to rely on personalized expertise and care.

Trivio Encourages Quit Smoking with Qtox

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When the world is grappling with chronic lung and respiratory diseases, Trivio Pharmacy recognizes the growing need for lung care, driven by factors such as stress, pollution, sedentary lifestyles, and smoking. In response, Trivio Pharmacy is spearheading the #Smokefree2024 campaign to encourage quitting smoking, in collaboration with Qtox Wellness Pvt. Ltd., India’s first holistic quit smoking program.

Ashit Patel, CEO of Trivio Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., and Rashesh Patel, CEO of Qtox Wellness Pvt. Ltd., have joined hands to promote this initiative. Products and counseling services are available at all Trivio Pharmacy stores.

The smoker seems to be helpless when it comes to quitting smoking for his or her own health or for the sake of the family. It’s easier to become addicted due to the easy access to cigarettes and the presence of smoking friends. However, a smoker is often clueless about whom he or she should reach out to for help with quitting smoking. The compulsion to smoke must end to support the FIT INDIA movement. There is still a taboo surrounding smoking, which prevents smokers from finding the right environment to quit. This lack of support affects their determination and often leads them back into the vicious cycle of addiction.

India is making great strides in sports, and Trivio aims to contribute to a healthier India. We have observed the damage caused by smoking and understand that it not only leads to lung cancer but also has financial and familial impacts. A 20 rupee cigarette hits much harder than we might think.

Smokers and Trivio’s retail partners were excited about this association. Smokers felt relieved to have easy access to the program along with the necessary handholding support.

Empowering Local Chemists and Expanding Reach

Empowering Local Chemists and Expanding Reach

We are delighted and extremely grateful to the people of Gujarat for placing their trust in us and helping to elevate Trivio Pharmacy to great heights in a remarkably short period. This has led to a significant milestone with 135 stores across various locations as of November 2023. The insightful and visionary leadership team has charted an incredible path, and with the commendable contribution of CEO Ashit Patel, the company is dedicated to uniting and empowering chemists with the goal of minimizing gaps in the medicine distribution system. Trivio’s expansion has been particularly notable in cities such as Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Bavla, Surendranagar, Dehgam, Mansa, and Sanand, as well as in several smaller towns across Gujarat.

One of the most compelling aspects of Trivio’s business model is its inclusive approach, accommodating customers across all tiers of society. This has generated excitement among residents of small towns who are eager to join the Trivio network. A key initiative that has garnered positive feedback from customers is the distribution of medicine boxes with every purchase of Rs. 1000 worth of medicines. This strategy not only enhances customer satisfaction but also positions Trivio as a pharmacy store that empowers local chemists.

Trivio’s commitment to offering the right price and the right advice has resonated with customers, contributing to the rapid expansion of its customer base. The company’s approach, which emphasizes empowerment and inclusivity, has proven to be popular and effective.

In line with this growth, Trivio is continuously expanding its reach and enhancing its services. New store alerts are being highlighted to keep customers informed about the latest additions to the Trivio Pharmacy network. This proactive approach not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to expansion but also ensures that customers are aware of the growing accessibility of Trivio’s services.

By offering ‘the right price, right advice’, and a module that is both apt and popular, Trivio is solidifying its position as a leading pharmacy store in the region.

Celebrating Truegether Diwali!

Expanding Reach, Brightening Diwali

A Token of Gratitude from Trivio Pharmacy!

As the festive season of Diwali approaches, Trivio Pharmacy, Ahmedabad’s leading pharmacy network, is filled with gratitude and excitement. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our valued customers for their unwavering trust and support. It is through your patronage that Trivio Pharmacy has experienced remarkable growth in a short span of time.

Expanding Horizons with Trust

At Trivio Pharmacy, we believe in building strong relationships with our customers. This Diwali, we want to extend our sincere thanks to all our patrons who have become our friends. Your trust in us has been instrumental in our success. To showcase our appreciation, we have created a special YouTube video  where our retailers share their heartfelt messages for our valued customers. Their words reflect the deep bond we have formed as a community.

A Message from Ashit Patel, CEO, Trivio Pharmacy

“On behalf of the entire Trivio Pharmacy team, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our customers this Diwali. Your support has been invaluable in making our dream of Vocal for Local a reality. By supporting our local chemists, you have played a vital role in strengthening our community. As we celebrate our first Diwali at Trivio Pharmacy, we are humbled by your overwhelming response and promise to continue serving you with dedication and care.”

Expanding Reach, Brightening Diwali

Trivio Pharmacy is proud to serve the communities of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Dahegam, Sanand, Bavla, Mansa, Surendranagar and beyond. Our presence in these areas is a testament to your trust and loyalty. We are rapidly expanding across Gujarat, and your support has been instrumental in our growth.

This Diwali, we express our deepest gratitude for making our journey so bright and successful. Your trust in us has been the driving force behind our success, and we are honored to serve you. Together, let’s make this Diwali a joyous and prosperous celebration.


Don’t be Your Own Doctor

Dont be your own doctor

It can be tempting when feeling unwell to try self-diagnosing and treating the issue without consulting a doctor. However, this approach can often do more harm than good. As medical professionals, we at Trivio Pharmacy believe in what is called ‘Right Price, Right Advice.’

Self-diagnosis is risky because symptoms can sometimes be misleading. What you think is a minor cold could potentially be something more serious. Only a medical professional is properly trained to evaluate symptoms, perform necessary tests, and determine an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. They consider factors like your medical history and any underlying conditions you may have. When you diagnose and treat yourself, important details can be missed leading to incorrect assumptions.

Even when you feel certain of a self-diagnosis, it’s still important not to replace prescribed treatment with over-the-counter or leftover medications. Different conditions require specific treatments tailored to each individual’s needs and circumstances. Medications are highly regulated and prescribed in precise doses for therapeutic benefits and safety. Taking the wrong drugs or doses can delay proper treatment and pose health risks like dangerous interactions, side effects or even worsening the condition.

Rather than saving time, battling an undiagnosed condition on your own often leads to unnecessary suffering and wasted appointments down the line. Early and proper medical care allows conditions to be managed most effectively to prevent complications. When symptoms persist or worsen despite self-treatment, it also means valuable time has been lost.

At Trivio Pharmacy, our goal is to support your health by providing accurate information and high-quality medications as advised by your doctor. We understand the impulse to take care of minor issues independently but always recommend consulting a physician first for an expert evaluation and prescribed treatment plan tailored for you. Your health deserves to be managed by true medical professionals. Stay hooked for tips for healthy lifestyle, only on Trivio Pharmacy, Right Price, Right Advice.

Grab Exclusive Medicine Box Offer

Grab our Exclusive medicine Box Free

Grab our exclusive medicine box offer to stay organized and better prepared

Keeping your medicines organized and easily accessible is crucial for your health and well-being. Trivio Pharmacy, the fastest-growing pharmacy chain in Ahmedabad, understands this need. That’s why we are thrilled to offer you a complimentary medicine box when you purchase medicines worth RS 1000. This versatile box doubles as an adaptable first aid kit, making it a valuable addition to your office or car.

A Convenient and Organized Solution

Tired of searching for your medicines or misplacing them? With Trivio Pharmacy’s exclusive offer, you can enjoy the benefits of a well-organized medicine box. Designed to accommodate all your essential medications, it ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips. Moreover, this adaptable box can serve as a first aid kit for your office or car, providing peace of mind during emergencies. Say goodbye to rummaging through drawers or bags, and embrace the convenience and efficiency of having all your medicines in one place.

Comprehensive First Aid Kit

Our medicine box includes all the requisites of a comprehensive first aid kit. From bandages and antiseptic creams to pain relievers and adhesive tapes, we have carefully curated the essentials to address common injuries and ailments. Additionally, we recommend doing a quarterly update to check the expiry dates of medicines and restock any necessary items, ensuring that your first aid kit remains up-to-date and effective.

Right Price, Right Advice

At Trivio Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on offering the right price and right advice to our customers. Our knowledgeable pharmacists are available to provide expert guidance and answer any questions you may have regarding your medications or first aid needs.

Take advantage of Trivio Pharmacy’s exclusive offer and receive a free medicine box when you purchase medicines worth RS 1000. Stay organized and be prepared with this versatile box, which doubles as an adaptable first aid kit for your office or car.

Visit our stores today and elevate your healthcare experience.

Trivio – No. 1 Pharmacy Chain across Ahmedabad

pharmacy chain in Ahmedabad

Trivio Pharmacy has quickly established itself as the largest pharmacy chain in Ahmedabad since its inception in April 2023. With over 100+ stores currently, and expanding across other cities in Gujarat, it is a true success story of growing at a rapid pace.

Trivio’s unique membership model has provided immense value to customers with access to a wide range of services and offers across its network of stores. Right from discounts on medicines to great offers, members get the highest priority along with quality advice from trained pharmacists.

This organized retail system offers customers a medicine-buying experience like no other in the city. With the largest stocks under one roof, even the most specific of medicines or supplements can be found easily through Trivio’s supply chain. This has allowed the stores to gain popularity as the go-to place for healthcare needs in their local communities.

A major contributing factor in Trivio’s rise has been empowering local pharmacy store owners to join its network. These partners get all the brand benefits of having a recognizable name along with support services to run their operations efficiently. Trivio manages bulk stock of medicines with the best and most compatible rates from the distributors, as it holds a brand benefit that an individual medicine shop wouldn’t be able to avail.

Constant promotional campaigns with attractive discounts and offers across medicine categories have played a big role in acquiring new loyal customers. Customers have appreciated getting the right advice along with prices lower than market rates on their regular purchases through Trivio.

Within such a short time, Trivio Pharmacy has emerged as the undisputed largest organized retail pharmacy chain in Ahmedabad. None of this would have been possible without the fantastic support of Ahmedabad residents and the hard work of over 100 partner store owners. Trivio Pharmacy is proud and thankful for being able to serve this great city’s healthcare needs.

Happy World Pharmacist Day!

happy pharmacist day

In a world where convenience often trumps everything else, it is important to remember the value of our local pharmacy stores. On World Pharmacists Day, let us take a moment to appreciate the vital role they play in our communities. With their commitment to providing the right price and right advice, these local establishments are the backbone of accessible healthcare.

Talking of their attributes, they are always available, ensuring that essential medications are within reach whenever needed. Whether it’s during times of a pandemic or any other emergency, these local pharmacies remain open and are on their toes, ready to assist the masses with the right medications. Their accessibility becomes even more crucial in such critical situations, as they act as lifelines for those in need.

Moreover, local pharmacy stores are an integral part of the “Vocal for Local” movement. By choosing to buy medicines from them, we not only support the local economy but also contribute to the growth of our own community. Recognizing their efforts on this special day is a small but significant way to show our gratitude.

This World Pharmacists Day, let us celebrate and recognize the efforts of our local pharmacy stores. They are the unsung heroes of healthcare, providing us with accessible and reliable medications whenever we need them. By supporting them, we not only prioritize our health but also contribute to the well-being of our communities. So, the next time you require medication, remember the right price, right advice, and the immense value of your local pharmacy store.