Trivio addressing the crucial 6 Challenges of Individual Pharmacists

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Pharmacists in India face a wide variety of challenges. Mr. Alpesh Patel’s goal was to find out what these challenges were and how through his venture he could overcome these challenges to make their profession more rewarding, satisfactory, and high yielding.

Limited recognition
One of the major challenges faced by pharmacists is their struggle with limited recognition. Pharmacists are well-qualified scholars that come under the category of healthcare professionals. In India, the mindset of people and the lack of awareness leads them to believe that these pharmacists are nothing more than medicine dispensers.

Lack of standardized education
There is also a lack of standardized education and training for pharmacists. Different institutions provide different quality and quantum of knowledge and education to pharma students, and this can lead to a disparity in the amount of knowledge and skills they possess. By having a standardized curriculum, or a specific level of quality education, there will be more parity between pharmacists across the country, which will lead to people trusting them more for their skills and medical knowledge. This will also lead to people relying less on self-medicating or consulting underqualified people, and they will begin seeking the advice of pharmacists.

Regulatory issues

One more issue faced by pharmacists often is the issue of regulation. The regulatory framework of Indian pharmacy is complex and inconsistent. Newer and clearer regulations need to be created that can address issues that still have a lot of ambiguity – such as licensing, practice standards, and scope of practice.

Shortage of pharmacists in rural areas
Rural India faces a shortage of quality pharmacies. This gives them an unfair disadvantage, and affects the healthcare system of those remote areas, due to lack of access to drugs. There is also the issue of counterfeit or substandard drugs, and due to the lack of resources pharmacists possess, they are unable to ensure the quality and authenticity of such drugs. There needs to be development and access to such resources, to stop this issue.

Counterfeit and substandard drugs

India has faced challenges related to counterfeit and substandard drugs in the market. Pharmacists play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and authenticity of medications, but they often lack the necessary resources and infrastructure to tackle this issue effectively.
Lack of collaboration with healthcare providers
Pharmacists and healthcare professionals lack collaboration and communication. If there was improved integration and coordination between healthcare professionals and pharmacists, it would improve and speed up the caregiving process for patients in India, leading to better healthcare outcomes.

Continuing professional development
Education is one thing, but putting that aside, there are always constant developments and new inventions happening all around. It is essential for pharmacists to stay updated with such new developments to better their service, but the availability of resources and training programs for this is extremely inadequate, due to which growth is not possible.

Consumer awareness
There is a need to improve consumer awareness regarding the role of pharmacists and the importance of seeking their advice. Many people in India rely on self-medication or consultation with unqualified individuals, which can lead to medication errors and health risks.
Trivio Pharmacy has been created to recognize these issues, and battle them for a new revolution in the pharma sector. We wish to address these challenges – such as the requirement of collaborative efforts, regulatory bodies, education and training for pharmacists, etc. Let us together, improve the quality of pharmacy services in India.
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