Trivio Encourages Quit Smoking with Qtox

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When the world is grappling with chronic lung and respiratory diseases, Trivio Pharmacy recognizes the growing need for lung care, driven by factors such as stress, pollution, sedentary lifestyles, and smoking. In response, Trivio Pharmacy is spearheading the #Smokefree2024 campaign to encourage quitting smoking, in collaboration with Qtox Wellness Pvt. Ltd., India’s first holistic quit smoking program.

Ashit Patel, CEO of Trivio Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., and Rashesh Patel, CEO of Qtox Wellness Pvt. Ltd., have joined hands to promote this initiative. Products and counseling services are available at all Trivio Pharmacy stores.

The smoker seems to be helpless when it comes to quitting smoking for his or her own health or for the sake of the family. It’s easier to become addicted due to the easy access to cigarettes and the presence of smoking friends. However, a smoker is often clueless about whom he or she should reach out to for help with quitting smoking. The compulsion to smoke must end to support the FIT INDIA movement. There is still a taboo surrounding smoking, which prevents smokers from finding the right environment to quit. This lack of support affects their determination and often leads them back into the vicious cycle of addiction.

India is making great strides in sports, and Trivio aims to contribute to a healthier India. We have observed the damage caused by smoking and understand that it not only leads to lung cancer but also has financial and familial impacts. A 20 rupee cigarette hits much harder than we might think.

Smokers and Trivio’s retail partners were excited about this association. Smokers felt relieved to have easy access to the program along with the necessary handholding support.